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123,636.00 ден
With its wooden frame protruding from the wall-mounted metal structure, Alix furnishes the wall by breaking its monotony. The careful


20,819.00 ден
Anemone is shaped like a tree, consisting of six different branches which open up and out from a robust trunk

Art wood

263,365.00 ден
Art wood is the expression of a clear and rational design intuition, like the geometric shape which inspired its designer,


75,357.00 ден
A metallic architectural structure, painted in the elegant bronze or lead shades, encloses the blown glass of the lampshade in

Bon ton

37,295.00 ден
The Bon Ton suspended lamp, designed by Studio Team Design, develops around its central axis, composed of three metal blades


59,902.00 ден
The samples above represent the complete range of materials and finishes available for this product (regardless of the top shape


226,580.00 ден
“Iconic, with an astral beauty, I hope, of an essential elegance”; designer Fabrice Berrux thus defines Circus, designed for Bonaldo.


44,065.00 ден
The gentle silhouette of Clessidra pouf follows a circular development, becoming concave in the central part. Softness and functionality make


117,505.00 ден
Colibrì armchair looks like it is light-weight, yet at the same time appears to have an imposing presence in the


23,757.00 ден
The union of the circle, rectangle and half sphere creates an object whose perception and interpretation vary according to observer’s

Cross Table

254,680.00 ден
“Cross Table” is the synthesis of the cross combination of three essential elements (top, metal structure and base) that, in


448,947.00 ден
Curling is a table with a delicate, clean and harmonious design, that leaves no room for superfluous decoration. Погледнете ги